Extra Low Voltage (ELV)

Structured Cabling

METECH is one of the reputed and established ELV companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE specialising in providing and deploying custom-engineered ELV systems for commercial, industrial and residential use.

We offer a comprehensive suite of ELV solutions to our clients in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and all over UAE:

As part of our extensive range of ELV solutions, we offer cabling technologies designed for high-end communication networks. Delivering optimum quality and featuring a forward-looking system design, our structured cabling systems ensure networks are future proof, sustainable and scalable, offering long-term value for investment.

Structured cabling solution uses a singular and flexible cabling infrastructure to link multiple networks. It provides specially configured sockets where multiple network devices can be plugged. The all-inclusive system includes a central communication network cabinet where multiple cables from different and separate work stations can be connected. At METECH, we provide organisations with a well-thought and flawlessly built structured cabling system to eliminate workflow issues and significantly lower network downtime problems.

Our structured cabling solutions include:


>> Structured cabling infrastructure design, planning and installation (also includes networking solutions and passive networking component)

>> Moving and/or replicating structured cabling systems to new locations and redesigning infrastructure according to the layout of the new office or corporate premises.

>> Integrating custom additions and expanding existing structured cabling to meet growing demands

>> Reviewing and implementing changes in planned cabling systems to augment or enhance functionalities

>> Structured cabling and network administration, repair and maintenance


Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV)

SMATV is a system that uses multiple satellite and broadcast signals to produce a uniform integrated cable signal to distribute transmissions to a cabling network. Essentially, a SMATV system allows you to have your own in-house cable company. It includes a satellite dish and TV antennae which collect programming from local broadcasting networks and satellite providers. The antennae feed into an electronic equipment which broadcasts the channels you have chosen for your cable line-up, and then assimilates them into one cable signal. The unified feed may comprise broadcasts from TV stations, information and billboard channels, and more.

As one of the most advanced ELV companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we offer you the flexibility and freedom of an SMATV, so you can choose exactly which programmes you want, including special corporate broadcasts, sports events, foreign language programmes and even distance learning programmes. We are the preferred ELV company by many clients in UAE that need supply and installation of products and systems required in building TV distribution networks in various reception sites, such as SMATV RF head-ends and IF distribution hubs.


Audio/Video Intercom

METECH offers door entry systems that enable you to screen and verify the identity of your visitors through video and audio, giving you optimum safety and convenience. After confirmation of identity, you can open the door through the same monitor. To enhance security levels, a main entrance panel with integrated pin code and electronic lock can be installed in your residence. This audio/video technology can be applied in commercial and residential buildings, including single or group villas. We also provide Wireless Video Entry systems for areas that need flexible remote opening and viewing capabilities.


Lighting Control

We offer lighting control systems that produce exact amount of lighting where and when it’s needed. Our advanced lighting solutions allow you to boost security, increase energy savings, reduce utility costs and improve living spaces with task-oriented lighting. Market studies show lighting accounts for 39 percent of annual electricity use in majority of office buildings. Smart lighting addresses that by turning off unused lights when people leave the building and automatically restore them upon detecting presence of people.

Smart building lights respond to users with a single touch on the control panel and enables control of interior and exterior lights, as well as building signage. Automatic lights illuminate exit pathways at night or during an alarm.

METECH can customise lighting effects through automated lighting control technologies, allowing you dim, turn off or turn up the light in certain areas. Our range of intelligent lighting solutions also include systems that can be operated via smartphone or tablet, so you can easily turn on/off lights or dim a CFL or LED device to your desired level.


UPS Systems

METECH offers Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) APC systems relied on by customers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE for protecting their equipment and critical data from power interruptions. Our UPS systems supply a consistent, reliable and network-grade power efficiently. Our range includes UPS systems in a wide variety of forms and classes, including entry level, standard and extended run, allowing us to provide a model for every unique application and budget.

Standard UPS models are the most popular option worldwide for use in business servers and storage and network devices. They have a reputation for delivering superior reliability and manageability. Entry level UPS models provide affordability to small and medium businesses that require protection for their networking devices, point-of-sale (POS) systems and entry level servers. Extended run models can be furnished with external battery packs for a longer running time and to produce power for critical server and security and communication systems, even during prolonged outages.


Master Clocking Systems

We are one of the ELV companies in UAE offering an array of synchronised central clock solutions to diverse industries, including Banking and Transport, where time and critical information is key. Our expertise includes conventional, IP-based, wired and wireless clocks with GPS synchronisations via analogue and digital displays.

Time is the most crucial element in today’s fast-paced world. METECH master clock systems allow you to manage time through the most efficient way possible. We design, develop and manufacture top quality, cost-effective master clocks and precise time solutions for various sectors. Our master clock systems play a vital role in information systems, emergency response, finance and trading, state and federal government services, and education and research, among others. For comprehensive and custom-engineered ELV systems, get in touch with METECH, one of the trusted and leading ELV companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and throughout UAE.