Security & Surveillance


As one of the foremost CCTV Security companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, METECH provides cutting-edge CCTV installation and surveillance solutions for a wide breadth of industries, including Financial, Commercial, Industrial, Transportation, Government, Military and Retail sectors.

Our CCTV solutions offer governments, corporations, commercial organisations and industrial facilities a comprehensive system that ensures the security of their people, clients, property and assets. Outfitted with built-in advanced analytics, these CCTV cameras assist in resolving liability claims, upholding safety and health standards and improving operations. We are one of the few CCTV Security installation companies in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and UAE that offer a range of high-end CCTV cameras with high capacity SAN/NAS storage, powerful video management software with advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning capabilities. Our CCTV solutions come with innovative hardware that produces high quality videos, which can be accessed and managed from either remotely or through a central location.


Access Control

A leading provider of access control solutions in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and UAE, METECH offers a broad spectrum of sophisticated access control systems for all commercial and private and government requirements. Whether you are aiming to strictly monitor and regulate access to offices or buildings, identify and manage users to your network and assets, or incorporate video surveillance, our security company will enable you to accomplish your objectives.

METECH rises up to these challenges by combining a suite of the latest security technologies: access control system, alarm monitoring, video surveillance, identity management, car plate recognition, guard tour and visitor management. Aside from these, our access control solutions integrate a number of crucial security functions into a versatile and modern security management solution.

As one of the trusted access control system companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE, METECH provides Identity/Visitor Management technologies that improve your existing access controls while streamlining processes. This system ensures comprehensive visitor control and tracking, with recordkeeping functions. You can easily schedule visits, register and monitor visitors, update user and visitor profiles, sign in and sign out, and print temporary access badges.

Our ID management products offer an extensive suite of capabilities designed to effectively manage the employee security information lifecycle – from initial data input to access revocation. It also facilitates central management of cardholder information, quick and easy user enrolment, badge design, information management, printing and encoding, and cardholder credential activity reports. To equip your facility with a state-of-the-art access control system, get in touch with METECH, the leading name among access control system companies in UAE.


Scenario Based Analytics

Our security systems product range includes world-leading technologies in Scenario Based Video Analytics engineered for applications in commercial and public sectors. Its capabilities include protection, intrusion prevention, investigation and forensics, and management of traffic, crowds and operations. Using a patented scenario-based approach, it allows multiple behaviour descriptions to be simultaneously added or set in predefined sequences. These specific scenario combinations create a precise description of target behaviour, enabling it to produce reliable alerts and reducing false alarms.


Intruder Alarm

METECH offers a diverse and broad variety of Intruder Detection and Alarm Systems for myriad industries, including Government, Banking and Finance, Commercial, and Industrial sectors. We deliver high-security installations comprising high-tech infrared beam detectors, fibre optics cable detection, microwave technology and electric barb wires. Our solutions include intuitive systems able to execute a wide range of innovative communication functions such as monitoring and controlling secured sites remotely or via a central location using the web or smartphones.


Gate Barriers, Bollards & Road Blockers

We offer road blockers that function as highly effective ram raid deterrents and robust security barriers for preventing unauthorised vehicle access to your site. METECH road blockers can be fabricated in three main specifications: standard, reinforced and maximum reinforced. On the other hand, automatic bollards are preferred for a more aesthetic but just as effective road blocker option. Our automatic bollards contain a hydraulic power pack which drives a powder-coated or stainless steel cylinder to an elevated height of up to 500mm or 700mm. These bollards are equipped with LED lighting on its top to make it more visible.

Our security gates and barrier systems are engineered to deliver high-level security be it for residential, commercial or industrial sites. Its native automation system allow control and management through control pads and/or recognition systems for ease of use.


Mobile Sentry CCTV Trailer

Our Mobile Sentry CCTV Rapid Deployment CCTV trailer is an intelligent, intuitive and user-friendly system employed to remotely monitor and ensure public and private safety. It is easy to install and exceptionally mobile, thus providing optimum surveillance in areas where there are no fixed surveillance points. Capabilities include up to 50KM remote control and monitoring enabled by multiple transmission methods. Available with AC Power or Solar Charging Battery. Comprises an aluminum pneumatic lifter for easy and simple operation, extending up to 6m with all devices and cables enclosed and protected in the mast. Controls and features can be customised to user preferences. One of the foremost security system companies in UAE, METECH designs and assembles standalone or fully tailored units.


Surveillance & Security Solutions

METECH is one of the trusted and established security system companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, providing a comprehensive range of high-end security solutions.

Improving safety and security, upgrading monitoring systems, and minimising threat and risk to individuals and properties are among the objectives of METECH in providing the most cutting-edge security systems today to clients in UAE.


Time Attendance System

Add another layer of security to your premises while tracking and logging employee attendance in a single cohesive platform. METECH offers biometric time attendance systems for businesses and offices for comprehensive and efficient monitoring of personnel entry and access within the workplace.

Organisations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE benefit from extensive functionalities that enable them to accurately monitor and record the start and end of their employees’ working hours, including detailed reports on early departures, late arrivals, length of breaks and cases of absenteeism.

A biometric attendance system through facial recognition and fingerprint also prevents unwarranted and unauthorized personnel access to certain company/organisational assets and areas. Thwart theft, discourage attendance abuse and prevent unlawful activities by restricting, regulating and recording physical access to high-risk and important locations in your business premises.