Smart Buildings

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

METECH brings you Smart Building Solutions with open system architecture specifically designed for heterogeneous environments. It integrates and interlinks safety and building automation systems from a range of different manufacturers under a standardized, user-friendly interface and serves as the central operating and control unit.

PSIM which stands for Physical Security Information Management centralizes all visual intelligence irrespective of manufacturer or the technology on which it is based. This increases situational awareness, allowing the identification of suspicious behavior, trends and non-conformance. This intelligence can be accessed by all necessary organizations and acted upon in a coherent, structured and effective way, increasing collaboration and ensuring faster responses to potential threats.


Incident Management Software Systems

METECH's Incident Reporting Solutions is an all-in-one system for cross-departmental incident tracking and management. The system's flexibility allows organizations to implement one enterprise solution flexible enough to meet the unique needs of all departments, including security, safety and compliance. Configured for security operations, an incident tracking software will streamline and automate the entire activity, incident, investigation and analysis workflow. The result is an incident reporting system that provides in-depth metrics, trends, reports and analytics, giving organizations the visibility they need to manage risk on a global scale, identify threats at individual sites and counteract the trends and activities with the potential to impact their people, property and assets.