Great projects start with great plans. Whether you are considering building a new facility, consolidating multiple operations into a single location, improving efficiency, or adding capacity, METECH has the capability and experience to help you plan effectively and guide your business to the appropriate investment decisions.

We will interview your key stakeholders, document what we hear, conduct some research on our own, and make recommendations for a path forward to achieve your stated business objectives. Utilising our extensive experience and thorough understanding of your business we can design a solid and cost effective solution. Studies and planning activities can range from a couple of days of effort for small research projects to several weeks for complex conceptual plans.


METECH has developed a fully detailed project management programme which takes care of the many details of your scheme. This means that you can enjoy the efficient installation of your system – on time, on budget and to specification with the minimal disruption to your business.

METECH is committed to successful project implementation, balancing demands on time, cost, performance and people to meet or exceed your needs and expectations. The project manager is the focal point for you and your organization, facilitating the flow of communication and providing regular status reports, project charts and progress charts.

To ensure your installation runs smoothly, your programmed will be handled by a dedicated Project Manager. Acting as a single point of contact, your project manager will liaise with you or your client and their project team.


Customers want the peace of mind, cost control and improved efficiencies of having METECH operate and maintain their communication networks and security systems. Furthermore, if we built the system, then we have intimate knowledge about all aspects of the project – preparing the documentation, specific system requirements, and detailed vendor and subcontractor information. This information will not only expedite repairs, but goes a long way toward preventing down time.

An SLA (Service Level Agreement) is usually made between METECH and the client after the warranty period is expired to ensure our continuity in providing the highest quality service our customer expects. The SLA records a common understanding about services, priorities, responsibilities, guarantees, and warranties. Each area of service scope should have the “level of service” defined. The SLA may specify the levels of availability, serviceability, performance, operation, or other attributes of the service, such as billing.

Our operations and maintenance services can offer the following:

  • Routine maintenance of equipment and facilities.
  • Emergency service restoration
  • Network monitoring services and continuing network analysis.
  • Adds, moves and changes of equipment
  • Employee training
  • Day-to-day provisioning, configuring and reporting
  • Complete and accurate record keeping, including work order and trouble escalation procedures


Once a project is completed and prior to handing over, METECH ensures that proper training is being made to our client by our well experienced engineers.


Our technicians and engineers are capable of self-performing many of the integration and installation tasks for power, communications and security projects. When required by the scope, schedule or location of the project, we use qualified engineers, helped by qualified technicians that undergo a vigorous per-qualification process. All staff is trained in quality control and assurance, so whether a subcontractor or our own technicians and engineers perform the work, our customers always receive a quality job.


Our team is experienced with all types of Testing procedures. Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is organized for each project where complexity and integration level require that all interconnections to be tested abroad. Site Acceptance test (SAT) is performed by our engineers for all systems before handed to the client. Unit Tests (UT) are performed for each and every items before installation, in our laboratory.

Before handing over any system to the client, the equipment will be powered up and tested by our technical team for a minimum period of one week.